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Bad Girl

[oneshot] 2min - Why Are We Still Friends?

Tittle: Why Are We Still Friends?
Rated: PG
Summary: They love. They are scared. And they bulid the strong bond within themselves. LOVE. what a summary!
A/N: Hmm... this is a repost since I got a new account, so yeah.. I need more entries to this new one, don't I? hehehe....

Taemin POV
I love you! Can’t you hear my heart screams out your name? My fragile heart has been longing to feel your warming love. My poor body’s dying in need of your warmth, to hold me safe in your strong arms.

Am I that incapable to claim you as mine? To tell the world that our love is perfect?

Despite that impossible-to-be-true wish of mine, I am too afraid to lose you. I am too afraid you’d throw me away when you acknowledge what I’ve here for you and only you. I am too scared not to be able to be by your side just as nothing not even as… friends. The thing I, myself, won’t even dare to imagine.

Tell me I am selfish for keeping you stay here while you freely can find your losing backbone. Just let me stay like this for awhile, until I am ready to let you go. Ready to let my forbidden love to fly and never come back –which I am scared I would never be. As you’ve been here whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, a soothing deep voice to wipe my tears, a pair of ears to listen my boring stories and…… being my everything.

I love you, more than anything.
Minho POV

Loving someone has never been such a sin, except my love for you –my only best friend, for god’s sake! It’s way too wrong that it feels so right. Is it okay for me to have this love? How cruel the God is for torturing me like this! What did I do wrong in my previous life?

If I had the other choices, I’d choose to never have these feelings. They’re starting to drive me crazy. For I realize my love for you is one of those few impossible-become-true things in the universe.

But, let me be egoist just for this once. Let me feel your presence beside me for a little bit more. Let me hear you cheerful giggles, that drowning me into dreamland. Just, how I hope we lived in it where everything is just beautifully beautiful.

You know, I willingly become your private clown only to be able to hear your laughs and never let you cry. Just to find happiness in you shining eyes.

Then again, I woken up by the cruel reality –once you know my forbidden love for you, it means I am losing you and never would find a way to reach you back. So please, let it stay still this way for now.
3rd person POV

“Oppa….” The sounds successfully brought the young handsome boy from his deep thought. Startled, he turned around to face a beautiful-rosy-faced girl, bring a heart-shaped box with her.

“Yes?” the boy coldly said.

“Minho Oppa, I-I am Krystal. Err… I’ve liked you since the first time I entered this school.” Oh, craps! Please, not this again. Minho said to himself “Hmm… P-please go out with me!...” said the now had her head bowing deeply girl as she put the box in the air in front of my face.

“Krystal-sshi, actually I….”


“That was the fifth one this week.” Taemin daringly broke the good 15 minutes silence. Oddly at that time the sun was showing off its bright warm 12-o’clock beams. Despite the fact that this morning it shyly hid behind the darken blue clouds, as the rain pouring heavily. The two friends were on the rooftop, too lazy to spend their lunch break at canteen. –it’s nothing new for them anyway.

“What is it about?” the older one asked. Although he knew what his little one talked about.

“You know what I mean, Hyung.” When the girl confessed her heart out, Taemin was there, witnessing the whole scenes.


“Why you keep rejecting them?” He said, never once his eyes leaving the sky.

Because I don’t want to lose you. Minho said to no one, but himself.

“I don’t like one of them. So, why should I go out with them?” With that silence welcoming both of them into the comfortable space, with their own thought. Yet, again. What they didn’t know, the “friends” had a same thing in mind.


“MinTae?” 13-year-old Minho called the younger one, they are 1 year apart.

“Yes, MinMin hyung?” Answered the boy, who was in deep thought about how on earth those Power Puff Girls can fly while he can’t. As long as he knew, only those who have wings can fly, while them? They don’t have one like birds do.

“Would you promise me something?”

“Promise? What promise? To give you my banana milk? Then SUPER NO!” Minho wondered, are there any other thing beside banana milk in his mind?

“No, not that. I want you to promise me that you will never ever leave my side. And wouldn’t have lover before I do?” as egoistic as it might heard, he couldn’t help it. Love is egoistic in its way.

“That’s it? OK. I promise to MinMin hyung that I wouldn’t have a lover before he does.” Taemin said as he put his hand on air. It might look like joke, but he was serious. Amused with what he saw, Minho ruffling his dongsaeng hair.

“Stop messing with my hair, MinMin hyung!” pouted his lips, earned more mess on his brunette hair. “Stop, Hyung! Now, tell me why they can fly?” He said, pointing the TV in front of them.

End of Flashback

Minho POV

I don’t want you to look for your love after knowing I have one. Which is I would never actually do. Because my all love is stolen by you, and never getting it back, MinTae-yah.

“Uhm…. MinMin hyung?”


“The sky… the sky is so beautiful today, don’t you think?” I turned my head from the sky, facing his flawless figure. “It is, Tae.” But you know what? There is this thing that never losing its beauty, it’s you. I wonder could I say this cheesy thing to you, without being afraid you would leave me. Worried you might see me staring at you with longing, I turned facing the sky like it was the most attracting thing.

“D-do you have someone you like hyung? S-since you keep rejecting them.” I was startled by that simple question.

“Why do you ask?”

“Uhn… Nothing. Just forget it hyung.”

“You know, MinTae you don’t have to wait for me to get a lover first. Go get her! No need to think about that promise.”

“No! it’s not that hyung. I-I just…..”

“You what?” Is it the time for me to confess to you? But am I ready to lose you?

“I don’t know hyung.” He said, lowering his head a little.

“Yeah. I like someone.” I can’t help but to notice he lowered his head even deeper. Is it because? If it’s true you have a same feeling as I do, I would be the happiest man alive. Is it wrong for me to have a hope? It’s now or never, Minho.

3rd Person POV

“Yeah. I like someone.” Minho said.

His poor hear felt like it was being squeezed, his eyes stung, he bit his inner mouth for prevent himself no to cry right there, right now. I know this time would come sooner or later, but now? I am not ready yet. I didn’t know it would be as painful as it is now. God, help me! Don’t let me break down here. But, Minho Hyung deserves someone who is perfect –which is far away from who I am. Stop being such a moron, Taemin-ah! He convinced himself.

“Who? D-do I know her?”

“Uhm… maybe?”

“Hyuuuuuung….. Tell me, pwease!!!...” He should have been given an acting award for his excellent acts.

“This person…. Has the most beautiful smile with two smiling eyes that tell you everything, when they are sad, happy, scared…. simply pure eyes.” Minho said, closing eyes and imagining the one for his heart, Taemin.

“She must be a perfect and beautiful girl.” Taemin said, pain stabbed his whole body. I can’t take it anymore.

“Ugh… Hyung, I-I have to go n-now. I-I am meeting… err Mrs. Kim yes, Mrs. Kim. So, see you later.”

But before he took his 3rd step, he felt his slender body being wrapped by two strong-nice-built arms from behind. Too much for his surprise, make him jumping a little. His heart was beating too fast, he believes it can’t beat faster that it already was.


“Let’s stay like this for 5 minutes, MinTae-yah. Please. After this you can hate me as much as you wish. Just, for this 5 minutes.” Taemin was totally lost, oblivious with what was happening. Just now Minho confessed that he was in love with someone, and than here they were hugging –more like Minho hugged him. He could no longer bear the pain he felt, tears streaming down on his cheeks. So did Minho. The longing their heart felt just too much for them to act strong.

“This person also has chubby rosy cheeks.” After the comfortable yet torturing silence, Minho spoke solemnly, closing his eyes still back hugging his love.

“Perfect just perfect, at least in my eyes.”

Stab! You know hyung? You can stop now. Your words hurt me even more.

“Childish. This person is very childish. He always brings two bottles of strawberry milk in his bag. Ah! He loves to dance too. He’s quite special.”

With that Taemin turned around to face his beloved 15-years friend.

“Did I hear it wrong, hyung? Y-you like me?”

“Nope, I don’t like you.” Raising his hand to wipe tears stain on Taemin’s cheeks. Than cupped those chubby cheeks, looking into the blue orbs sincerely and purely with love.



“I know, MinTae-yah. After hearing this you might hate me for destroying our friendship we treasure so much. I understand, but please stay by my side and forget everything that happened. I can’t be without you, I need you more than anything. Are w-we still… friends?”

“No, I don’t want to be your best friend anymore even just friend.”

Taemin-ah “….. You can go now then. I under-uhmps” there it was, Lee Taemin Kissed Choi Minho his only love. It wasn’t a lustful kiss just lips touch each other with love. As the way to exchange “I LOVE YOU”s.

“You talk too much hyung. Just I love you is enough. I love you too, my MinMIne Hyung.”

“No no no. I am serious here, Taemin! Don’t joke around.”

“But I am too. If you don’t want, fine by me. I’ll find my love out there maybe someone will take my word serious, unlike you.”
But in a blink of eyes, Minho threw Taemin to the air.

“Oh My Gosh! You’ve no idea how happy I am, MineTae-yah! I LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU. LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE YOOOUUUU~~”

“Yak! Put me down this instant, Choi!” he said, yet he couldn’t help but grinning from ear to ear.

“Way to destroy the moment, Tae!” Minho said, pouting.

“Well… It’s just the lunch break will over soon, we need to go back to class.”

"Do you think Mrs. Kim really needs your help? ‘Cause I’d love to spend this wonderful day with my new lover." Minho asked, suggestively.

"Well" maybe she can ask another student."

With that, the new found lovers left their old pages as friend, and open up a new one, starting to be the faithful lovers. Ready to face the whole new world in front of them.


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Aw~ that was so sweet. :D <3
Such beautiful fluff xD My favorite parts would the first 2 POV parts shown. The meaning was very beautiful and well said. :D
Taemin and Minho forever! :>
I LOVE THIS. Make more, bb~
Thank you so much x////x
Tbh this was my first yaoi ff and its 2min (since I ship them, hard kekeke)
And and Thank you for reading + commenting <3