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Bad Girl

[oneshot] 2min - The Promise We'd Never Break

Title: The Promise We'd Never Break
Rated: PG-15
Sumarry:Minho missed Taemin, the one who left him abandoned. It's just... is it real? or...
A/N: Please read the whole thing ^o^
it's been a long time since I wrote a oneshot. and I know the description is just, WHAT?! And please read the whole thing, you would be surprised, I hope. and don't just leave, you know what I mean right?
Anyway, this is a christmas special fic was insipred by this beautiful song and MV. Have a good reading =)


The sunray emerging the opened widely windowsill woke me from my seemingly to be dull morning. I, absentmindedly, rub the sleep of my eyes as I began to make my way to the bathroom to do my morning business. I knew there was something wrong, something that wasn’t nowhere to where it belonged to. But I just cannot put a finger on what that was; what I've lost, what my heart yearning for.

Then, it hit me, too hard.

That made me fringed, I wish I didn’t. I wish I didn’t remember that I once owned you. I wish I forgot the memories we had. I wish we had never met at all. Because it hurt not to hold you save in my arms. Because it hurt not to see your smiling face when my life felt so fucked up -your smile was all I needed.  Most of all, it hurt me not to feel your love.

“He left us.” I broke into tears “It’s just you and me. Isn’t he too mean?”

I must be crazy.

I started to talk to the doll I used to feel jealous of, for you always held it lovingly as I began to think about that day.

I started to sulk just to tease you, it made me dying in joy as you drop the big yellow colored fluffy stuff and enveloped me with your thin arms. Saying…

‘Hyung, I am so sorry. Y-you’re the only one for me.’ By the time I could feel you’re crying, your body shaking and you’re sniffing loudly. ‘Minnie loves Minho-hyung.’

I felt guilty. I pushed you body a little gently so I could see your face. I looked straight in you eyes I had always adored: they were teary and slightly red. I kissed them too soft, wish to kiss your tears away.

‘I love you too, Taeminie. And don’t be sorry, because I know your love has always only for me and always will be, just like mine.’ You blushed a bright red. I gave your pointed nose a peck then wrapped you again –I just can’t get enough of you.

‘Hyung, would you promise to me?’ You said as you broke the hug, which made me miss your warmth already.

‘Hm?’ Telling you to continue.

‘Promise me to never ever leave me alone ‘ cause I don’t think I can leave without you.’

I didn’t answer instead I kissed you. Actions talk more than words.

You lied. You promised and you broke the vow we made. You fucking left me alone with the pain I doubt had any medicine to cure it.

I left the cute stuffed carelessly on our, uh, my unmade bed. I was too lazy to do so. Even I could easily guess I looked like shit. For these two days, never did I mind bathing, never did I spend the whole night without crying my self to sleep.

I looked through the dusty window, mused, not looking to any particular object out there. The world seemed to be alright, normal and in its best. But not with my heart, it was breaking, no, broken. It was in so much pain I couldn’t bear.

Later, I noticed the cacti flower that seemed no longer beautiful; it was plain plant with stupid thorn around it. I had always wondered why you chose cacti of all flowers. Why not rose?

But you had never failed to amaze me because… it’s you. It’s Taemin.

You shook your head like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

‘I tell you, my pabo hyung~~’ You chuckled for making fun of me. ‘Cacti mean more than what you know. They are symbol of heart that burns in pure and endless love.’

‘So,’ I paused to make him facing me after he arranged the plants –there were two cacti. ‘Does that mean your love for me has no end?’

He nodded eagerly, though his face told how embarrassed he was.

‘Yours either, right?’ My beautiful lover asked in curiosity.

‘Nope.’ I tightened my arms surrounding his slender waist.

‘N-neh?’ You looked nothing but disappointed in my answer.

‘My love for you is everlasting.’ I exclaimed, making you utter that beyond stunning smile of yours again.

I traced your smooth skin with my left hand as you leaned into the touch. There was always the little moment I had no wish to forget.

‘Minho…’ You called my name. How I hope I could hear you calling my name every single day of my life.

I began to lean forward at the same time you closed your eyes, knowing what will happen next. I was taking too much time just so that I could look at how amazing your figure was. I closed mine as well. The next time I know was a pair of soft lips against mine; they always were the sweetest. It wasn’t like it’s our first kiss, but it surely felt like one.

Silently I prayed for the time to stop, I didn’t want this to end. I wanted to feel them again and again. Your arms made their way to my neck to deepen the kiss, which I didn’t mind at all. And a simple kiss turned into something more. Not like we both mind.

Without I even realized, my right hand touched the lips missing yours touch. Taemin-ah…

How dare you turn me into messy shit like this with your leaving?!

How dare you make me love you in the first place?!

“Ho Ho Ho Ho ho”

And how dare whoever you are disturb my solemn moment with your strange laughter?! Santa Clause much?

My eyes snapped opened. “Wha-“

“Merry Christmas~ ho ho ho” a guy with white fake beard, big backpack and fedora?, laughing like mad, standing at the bed edge.

“Christmas Eve, good boy! You have any wish?”

I eyed him with skeptical looks. Because…

1st I was still all groggy.

2nd I thought I was standing the windows just know.

3rd The weird Santa looked somehow like someone familiar.


“Hu’uhm… I am SANTA not Taemin.” He emphasized the Santa part. “Now now, will you mention your wish or not? I have a lot to do you know! Santa is busy busy!”

Let’s just take a roll in the play, shall we?

“Ah! This good boy wants… hmm” I pretended to think. “I want a bunch of pretty girls!”

“U-uh… I-I can’t do that.” His voice was somehow shaking.

But I refused to give in, “But why?!” I sounded surprised, fake.

“Just… Just find by yourself!” He yelled as he took off the fake bread and walked to the windowsill. It was always being our favorite place.

With his back facing me, I also got out of bed, heading to where he standing still. “Hey, Taemin-ah… You know where that odd Santa went just now?”

“Molla.” He must be angry, and it’s weird how I found it cute.

“Really? What to do? I haven’t told him my wish.”

“Didn’t you just do?” He still avoided eye contact with me.

“Eh? Then, could you just tell him what I want for me? Tell him that I want to be with this Taemin guy forever, spend my whole life just with him, and have his eyes only on me. Could you tell him that?”

Finally, he adjusted his vision to me, who standing beside him. Without saying a single word he hugged me tightly. I could feel he was smiling in his cry because my pajama felt rather wet.

“Hey, what are you doing? My Taemin would be jealous if he saw us like this. Let me go, please.” I intentionally begged him to let go.

“I don’t care. That Taemin will never mad at me. He let you to be with me and only me.”

This time I let him, in fact I didn’t want him to break the hug; I hugged him back. In each other embrace, we shared the perfect ‘I love you’s in silent only hearths heard. For love is heart’s matter not oral’s.

“Hyung, about your wishes, unfortunately…” He smiled as he looked at me, “I guess you’ll get all of them.”

“Oh, really? I must be a very obedient boy to get Santa’s best present.” I cupped his face in my palms, “and that’s you.”

Our kiss was always better than the last one, but this one had to be best. First his forehead, to his eyes, chin, nose, and I took more than time needed kissing his chubby cheeks, finally to his plump pinkish lips.

As we kissed I heard the clock chimed, claiming 12 o’clock. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, my elf. You know, you should have worn elf’s custom instead of Santa’s. What kind of Santa brings a backpack?” My hands objected to leaving his milky skinned cheeks, caressing them so gently.

“Well… I am a modern kind of Santa.”

It was the end of my nightmare but not for our life and love. we still have forever to go. You promised. We promised.


So sorry for the sudden mood swing XD and the ending just sucks, actually the whole story does. hehe XD

Comments are love =)